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Private Events & Reservations


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We are currently not taking reservations for smaller parties. 

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For larger parties of 8 or more, please see the Reservation Procedures below.

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For Venue Bookings and Private Events , please leave us a message below or

email us at


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Reservation Procedures(8+ people)

There is a $25 per person deposit that is required and will be reimbursed to you via a wine charge card. This card is for you to keep and can be used on future visits. You will be able to charge more to this card if desired.  Please include the following information in your reservation email:


Phone Number & Email:


Time :

# People:  

# Charge Cards

(Please note each charge card is $3.5)

Food items if desired:

( # of Cheese Boards/ Charcuterie Boards/ Vegan Boards)

Bookings are confirmed once payment is received.

Payment can be made via email transfer to or

in person via debit/ credit.


There is a 15 minute grace period for reservations.


Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Click HERE to purchase a Gift Card. Gift Cards can be used to purchase Wine Cards, wine bottles and food offerings (which are all subject to HST).

Wine Cards (for the wine dispensers) can also be purchased to gift. Please visit the wine bar for Wine Card purchases.

Please note Wine Cards are different than Gift Cards 

(Wine Cards are subject to HST). 

186 Main Street South

Newmarket, ON L3Y3Z2

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